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Hatherleigh vs Kalangadoo Match results
By Kelly |
Junior Colts - Hath 17.11 def Kalangadoo 0.2 Awards - Luke MacGregor (Dentons) Jake Wight (Stumpy) Alex Spehr (Pete Walters) Doug Treloar (HFC Ladies Committee Jacob Lang (Hath Sport & Rec Steak) Senior Colts - Hath 4.4 lost Kalangadoo 13.9 Awards - Brady Gibbs (Dentons) Zach Jones (Stumpy) Sam Sutherland (Duckys) Amos Seamer (HFC Ladies committee) Brodie Fabris (Hath Sport & Rec steak)... B Grade - Hath 4.8 lost Kalangadoo 11.8 Best - Darren Paul (Prince of Wales) Luke Haines (Millicent 4WD) Brodie Fabris (Millicent Golf) Ben Gysbers (Thursday Tea) Michael Duff A Grade - Hath 9.8 lost Kalangadoo 16.14 Best - Matt Faulkner (Somerset) Jack Sullivan (Prince of Wales) Jase Bateman (Millicent Toyota) Sam Waring (Ginos) Josh Wight, Joe Ferguson-Lane
Hatherleigh vs Port MacDonnell Match Results
By Kelly |
Junior Colts - Hath 17.15 def Port Mac 1.0 Awards - Jake Wight (Dentons) Luke MacGregor (Subway) Harry Coote (Stumpy) Alex Buhlmann (HFC Ladies Committee) Will Chay (Hath Sport & Rec Steak) Senior Colts - Hath 5.8 def Port Mac 3.11 Awards - Brady Gibbs (Dentons) online casino Sam Kent (Duckys) Ben Leopold (Stumpy) Brad Wight (HFC Ladies Committee) Bradley Slape (Hath Sport & Rec Steak) ... B Grade - Hath 7.2 lost Port Mac 18.10 Best - Luke Haines (Prince of Wales) Matt Childs (Beaurepaires) Shane Lambert (Millicent Toyota) Tim Merrett (Thursday Tea) A Grade - Hath 13.12 def Port Mac 5.11 Best - Jack Sullivan (Somerset) Ciaran Buckley (Prince of Wales) Matthew Fabris (Tony Egans) Joe Ferguson-Lane (Ginos)
Hatherleigh vs Kongorong Match results
By Kelly |
Junior Colts - Hath 16.8 def Kongorong 0.0 Awards - Luke MacGregor (Dentons ) Harry Coote (Stumpy) Nick Waring (Pete Walters) Kade Bradley (HFC Ladies) Harrison Webster (Hath Sport Rec Steak) Senior Colts - Hath 3.2 lost Kongorong 16.18 Awards - Mitch Pulmerv (Dentons) Brady Gibbs (Stumpy) Brodie Fabris (Subway) Luke MacGregor (HFC Ladies) Jordan Jones (Hath Sport Rec Steak)... B Grade - Hath 6.9 def Kongorong 5.9 Best - Matt Childs (Prince of Wales) Kyle Bowman (Millicent 4WD) Tom Pegler (Millicent Golf) Luke Haines (Thursday tea) Ryan Bowering, Tom Waring A Grade - Hath 14.12 def Kongorong 11.7 Best - Mat Fabris, Mat Faulkner, Jack Skeer, Jack Sullivan, Brad Wight
Hatherleigh v Tantanoola
By Kelly |
Under 11’s – On a morning where it looked to be shaping up to be a real winters day, it was great to see such an excellent turnout for both sides.  The Leopold brothers in Ethan and Fletcher are really starting to find the footy, laying some great tackles and getting involved in the play around the ground. Jayden was in and under and finding some good form in the lead up to the Auskick game in Adelaide.  We’re finding it really encouraging that the boy’s confidence is growing each week and can see they are really enjoying their footy.  Awards for the week went to Ethan, Fletcher, Koby and Jayden. Well-done boys. Junior Colts  Our first real taste of winter was something different for the boys and it took a while for them to adjust to the very windy wet conditions. We started the same way we did the week before kicking many points and only 2 goals. Team work and basic wet weather footy saw us get on top as the game went on, it was a good day for the little fellas as Sam Gray, Louis Brown and Will Chay were all looking dangerous around the goals. The goal kicking improved out of sight for some reason as we kicked 9 goals 3 in the second half which was very good all things considered. 1st best player was our captain Jake Wight (Dentons award) who was handling the conditions very well in the centre of the ground and up forward. Our 2nd best player was Jacob Lang (Subway award), he was asked to make up the numbers for Tant in the first half which he did without any fuss, as the 2nd half came around we realized Tant were still one short and without any drama Jacob put his hand up to again go to the opposition, well done mate great sportsmanship and something that definitely hasn’t gone un-noticed. (you won’t be doing it again, you got to many kicks!!). 3rd best was Doug Treloar (Stumpy award) who covered a lot of ground and put himself in the right position all day by running hard and using his voice. 4th best was Will Chay (HFC Ladies committee award) who is a player we can use in any position on the ground and back to win his position, looked like he loved the conditions. 5th best was Kade Bradley (Hath Sport & Rec steak award) who chased hard and tackled hard all day and was good around goals ending up with 2.    Senior Colts –  The senior colts were at home to Tantanoola last week and they were greeted by wet and windy conditions. We started well but were inaccurate in our kicking which led to Tantanoola being on casino top early. Poor kicking at goal cost the team and Tantanoola never gave up their hard earned lead. Better players for the day were Sam Kent (Dentons award), Brodie Fabris (Duckys award), Jez Jones (Stumpy award), Ben Leopold (HFC Ladies Committee award) and Ben Lang (Hath Sport & Rec steak award). The team will need to regroup as we face a formidable side in Kongorong this Saturday at Kongorong. B Grade Best - Kyle Bowman (Prince of Wales award) Luke Haines (K&S award) James Gilbertson (Millicent Golf award) Ryan Bowering (Thursday Tea award) Ben Leopold, Tom Waring A Grade -  A good old winters day, a good old hard fought slog and a great old fashioned win. Nothing fancy and nothing flash, just hard work. We kept the ball moving forward, defended tightly and made the most of our chances to record a good win and stay alive in a very tight competition. Our defence was fantastic again only conceding 2 goals for the entire game. We were lead by BOG Mat Fabris (Somerset award), Bruce (Ginos award)and Joe Ferg (Tony Egans award) Our mids all shared the work load with big Sam Waring (Prince of Wales award) having a great game in ruck (his second efforts were great) and of course a tough day for our forwards with only Tom Bell recording more than 1 goal. It was pleasing to see us have 8 goal kickers and not rely on one individual. Today we take on an improved Kongorong side with 4 points one again vital for our season. Calcutta Results 1st Matt Fabris, 2nd Sam Waring, 3rd Marcus Bennett
Results – Hatherleigh v Tantanoola
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Junior Colts - Hath 15.13 def Tant 0.0 Awards - Jake Wight (Dentons award) Jacob Lang (Subway award) Doug Treloar (Stumpy award) Will Chay (HFC Ladies Committee award) Kade Bradley (Hath Sport & Rec award) Senior Colts - Hath 1.6 lost Tantanoola 4.5 Awards - Sam Kent (Dentons award) Brodie Fabris (Ducky's award) Jez Jones (Stumpy award) Ben Leopold (HFC Ladies Committee award) Ben Lang (Hath Sport & Rec Steak award)... B Grade - Hath 5.6 lost Tantanoola 13.14 Best - Kyle Bowman (Prince of Wales award) Luke Haines (K&S award) James Gilbertson (Millicent Golf award) Ryan Bowering (Thursday Tea award) Ben Leopold, Tom Waring A Grade - Hath 9.5 def Tantanoola 2.3 Best - Mat Fabris (Somerset award) Sam Waring (Prince of Wales award) Joe Ferguson-Lane (Tony Egan's award) Marcus Bennett (Ginos award) Jack Sullivan, Todd Watson

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